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Sunday, 24th February 2019, 06:05


 - Safety is paramount

Gym In The Park prides itself on safe and effective exercise. We have visited numerous military style fitness Camps and Boot Camps across London and we were concerned at the unsuitable and potentially harmful exercises that were given to the clients.
Another observation of ours was the lack of attention to detail there was to the client, for example we have had people attend our trial session and upon initial evaluation we were able to diagnose some clients had high blood pressure for example and with the wrong type of exercise this could be fatal. We refered the individuals to their G.P to get adequate treatment. The majority of other camps will just let you sign a disclaimer not excepting responsibility. We are all fully qualified personal trainers and realise the importance of each individuals needs.

- Equipment for variety

We Use a variety of equipment so NO workout is the same!
Our equipment ranges from Trx, Gliding discs, Powerbags, Agility ladders, Kick shields, Boxing, Skipping ropes, Resistance bands and much more!!

No shouting or intimidation

Gym In The Park prides itself on being a friendly fitcamp and we make sure there is NO shouting and No intimidation. We want you to feel good about yourself!

- How do we compare to other methods??

Gym In The Park compares very strongly against other methods of gaining results!!

Take a look at the table below and see for yourself.

Gym in the Park Car


Comparison Chart