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Sunday, 24th February 2019, 05:08


How do I register for a Fit camp?

To signup for a FREE Trial Session please select the button at the top and leave your details. We will contact you to discuss the time and location and to answer any questions you may have.


Will I be fit enough and what type of exercises will I be doing?

Gym In The Park has been designed to accommodate all fitness levels, ages, males and females. We start the group workout off with a general warm-up which increases in intensity. We then do a combination of resistance and cardiovascular exercises using different pieces of equipment ranging from X Bags, Medicine balls, boxing equipment and much more! The workouts have been designed specifically to have a major effect on the bodies metabolism therefore as a result burning more calories, burning body fat and toning up.
Once this part of the workout is completed there is a cool down followed by a stretch.



Gym In The Park | Windsor and Chiswick Park




I have been to a Boot Camp before and felt very intimidated by all the shouting. Is Gym In The Park like this?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Gym In The Park is about lifestyle, health and fun.
We take a fresh approach to personal fitness. Our group workouts are energetic, results driven but most of all without the intimidation. We realise each person is different and refreshingly have steered clear from any military connotations which go with boot camps.

Gym In The Park will show you how to exercise SAFELY AND EFFECTIVELY. All our trainers are fully qualified and experienced personal trainers that pride themselves in their clients using correct technique. We also guarantee user friendly but state of the art equipment which is not found in boot camps and our programmes have been designed to specifically to gain maximum results in the least amount of time. There is NO shouting and NO intimidation during our camps. We provide a motivational kick start and support you with contagious team spirit and all we ask you to do is to pitch up and trim down!


What happens if I miss a session?

That's fine. Just try and come to the following session as you have paid for a 4 week block. Unfortunately sessions cannot be carried on to the following months.


What do I need to bring to the camp?

Please come to the camp wearing appropriate clothing to exercise in, something loose that does not restrict your movement and also a pair of trainers. Also you will need to bring a bottle of water to keep you hydrated. Please bring any relevant medication that might be required while going through an exercise regime for example asthma inhalers. Don't forget to print your Monthly Fitness Evaluation Form so we can track your progress.